Favorite Pet Supply Stores in Milwaukee

By Dawn / June 3, 2024 /

Milwaukee is so dog friendly, and we love that about this city!  One of my favorite things is how many specialty pet stores there are in the city!  In this blog, we are going to share with you our top 5 pet stores and tell you why we love them! Bentleys Pet Stuff Bentleys is…

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golden retreiver on leash walking on a hiking trail with dog walker

7 Benefits of Exercise for Dogs

By Dawn / July 17, 2023 /

As pet owners, we want nothing but the best for our canine friends. We provide them with love, care, and nourishment, but there’s one essential aspect that should never be overlooked—exercise. Just like humans, dogs need regular physical activity to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Read on to discover 7 benefits of regular exercise…

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white dog with blue harness and a happy face

Importance of Agency and Choice in a Dogs Life

By Dawn / April 20, 2023 /

As pet owners, we all want our furry friends to live happy, healthy lives. But have you ever stopped to think about what that really means for your dog? For many dogs, a fulfilling life means having a sense of agency and choice in their daily routines. This is where the four L.E.G.S. model developed…

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You Have a Friend- Reactive Dog Training Program

By Dawn / October 14, 2022 /

Why do we need to talk about reactive dog training and how it can help? Simply stated, when we bring a dog into our families, we have an idea of what life will be like with this new family member.  As a dog trainer, I often have the opportunity to hear the stories clients share…

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Raw Food Diet for Dogs: the Nutritional Gold Standard

By Dawn / April 6, 2022 /

The raw food diet for dogs is the gold standard in canine nutrition A Raw Food Diet in Dogs is the Gold Standard of Canine Nutrition What is the benefit of a raw food diet for dogs, or even. fresh food diet for dogs?  Almost every human has heard the adage “you are what you…

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Cues that traveling dogs should know

Seven Cues Every Traveling Dog Should Know

By Dawn / September 30, 2021 /

Before traveling with your pet, teach them the cues that will make your trip safer and more fun for all of you! Traveling with our canine companions can be a lot of fun and can really help to strengthen the bond between pet and pet parent.  Before you hit the road with Fido, though, there…

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dog in winter, winter gear for dogs

Essential Winter Gear for Milwaukee Dogs

By Dawn / December 19, 2020 /

I am often asked what dogs need to be safe and comfortable in winter.  The truth is, this depends on the dog!  You need to look at whether your dog is bred to be an outdoor dog in winter or not, is your dog a large breed, small breed or somewhere in between?  Also, consider…

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Hiring Employees vs Independent Contractors

By Dawn / November 2, 2020 /

This blog post is a guest post from our friends at Urban Tailz in Chicago, Illinois.  Urban Tailz and Milwaukee Paws Pet Care have the same interest and dedication in providing the absolute best care to the pets of our clients.  Recently, I have been made aware that many of our clients are not clear on the…

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