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Milwaukee Paws Pet Care can take care of your feline friend, whether you have one cat or multiple. We offer cat visits, cat sitting, hourly cat care, concierge services, and we even have options for your Wedding day!

Our mission is to provide the highest quality cat sitting services giving you peace of mind when you can’t be there. We offer friendly, professional services everytime we visit. Our staff are trained to engage your feline friend and enhance cognitive enrichment for them during our visits.

Cat Visits

Our staff love cats and understand the need for regular socialization while you are gone! We offer a variety of visits from a quick drop in visit to hour long visits because we know that your cat is as unique as you are! All cat visits include fresh water, feeding and litterbox scooping. The remainder of the visit is spent playing and cuddling with your fur baby!

Have a shy cat? That’s ok! Our staff know that it takes some cats longer to warm up than others, so we spend the remainder of the visit doing what your cat needs to feel comfortable, whether that is reading a book out loud to them until they are comfortable, or sitting quietly with soft music playing, our dedicated team goes the extra mile to help your kitty feel comfortable.

Girl touching noses wtih a cat.
Furry cat asleep.

Cat Sitting

Some cats require more socialization and care when you are gone. Our Cat sitting program is a perfect match for those kitties! There is no need for your cat to be stressed or lonely while you are away, our experienced sitters are more than happy to spend time with your cat, loving on them and playing games with them. Your cat is able to maintain their normal routine, minimizing stress and anxiety. We offer cat sitting from hour long visits to 12 hour long visits and are available to do multiple visits a day.

Hourly Cat Care

Many of the cats we see need more attention than a quick visit, our hourly care is our most popular cat visit for this reason! Our staff come in, provide your kitty with fresh food and water, they scoop litter boxes then spend the remainder of the visit with your baby. Whether your cat needs a longer visit due to recovery from illness or injury, or just because she is a friendly feline who requires extra love, we can find the right visit for you!

Hourly cat care
Cat transported in crate.

Cat Transportation

Our experienced staff are available to transport your cat to the vet if needed. Staff will remain with your pet during the visit and will return to you with detailed notes and instructions. Does your cat need a ride somewhere else- for example, if you are moving- we are happy to help with that as well! All Cats transported by Milwaukee Paws Pet Care are required to have a crate for transportation.

Home Sitting

Our staff are available to check in on your home, even if you and your pets are not there. Staff bring in mail and packages, we can turn lights on or off, open shades and curtains, we give the entire home a visual inspection and alert you to any issues right away. This allows your home to have people coming and going and gives the appearance that the home is not empty, increasing safety.

Person picking up the daily paper and bringing it in the house.

Concierge Services

We are happy to give you a referral to a professional groomer, vet or trainer if needed. In addition, our staff are happy to provide you with enrichment ideas to keep your cat happy and healthy! We also offer options like shopping and errand services for clients who are too busy or too ill to do it themselves. Our goal is to help you and your cat have the best relationship possible!

Wedding Services

We all know how special our pets are to us. If you would like to have your cat be part of your wedding day, we can help with that! We are available to sit for your cat and send you regular updates with photos so that you have peace of mind. We can also assist with having your cats in the wedding photos if you want! Whatever we can do to make your special day absolutely perfect. A bonus is that because we schedule this service at an hourly rate, you have complete flexibility in the length of service!

Bouquet of flowers.

Untimed Visits

We come in and scoop the litter box, offer fresh food and water and look for the cat(s). We leave when the tasks are done- this is typically a quicker visit. It's a great option for shy or fearful cats who are stressed by staff being in the home.

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