Dog Training

Our owner, Dawn, is a certified dog trainer through CATCH Trainers Academy, one of the premier dog training schools in the country. Our philosophy is that a well-trained dog strengthens the relationship and bond between owner and dog. We use positive reinforcement and force-free techniques to help you teach your dog to be their very best! Our practices are built on solid science and we encourage dogs to learn through cognitive enrichments. Our dogs do so much for us, why wouldn’t we want to do the very best for them!

We offer a wide variety of services, from Classes (on a limited basis), private in-home sessions, private sessions in your home while you are at work, training walks and cognitive enrichment walks. Working with basic obedience, puppy socialization, and behaviors, we come alongside of you and teach you how to help your pup!

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Initial Consultation ($125)

Typically 60-90 min in length.  This session allows us to gather important information on your dogs background and history, current routine, your philosophy of training, and what issues you would like to see resolved.  Note, that this session is mostly information gathering and meeting with family members- it sets the stage so we can effectively create a training plan.

dog with toungue sticking out

Private Sessions ($95 per session)

Training done in your home with pet and owner present.  This allows us to see the behavior you are most concerned about in your environment so we can help create training and management strategies personalized to help you!  Training sessions are typically an hour in length.


During a typical training session, we will discuss techniques, why we are using a particular management or training technique and demonstrate how to do them properly.  Owners are given time to practice the techniques as well.

Dog at home

Virtual private lessons ($95 per hour)

For those who are not yet ready to venture out or have new people into your home, we can do training sessions through a virtual platform!  You and your pup remain in your home, we stay in our home office and walk you through what you need to know.  This is a wonderful option for owners who are immunocompromised or feeling ill.

Training Walks ($60 per walk)

If you find Fido is a bit much on the leash and it affects you taking him for walks, this is the perfect option for you!  Walks are 45-60 min in length and include teaching basic leash manners, basic cues such as sit, stay, wait and leave it along with loose leash walking.  We work on teaching your pup to be better mannered, so you and your pup can enjoy walks, eating out at local patios or hanging out in the park!

Need walks 3-5 days a week?  Our training staff will work with our walkers to reinforce what is being taught to your pup.  The training walks are billed at $50 per walk, but the remainder of the walks during the week are billed out at our normal walking rates (link to dog walking rates here).  Once the dog has learned leash manners and is walking nicely, he will be transitioned to regular walks only.

leash manners and training dog walk
cognitive enrichment walk with large dog

Enrichment Walks ($50 per walk)

All dogs need enrichment and exercise.  Our enrichment walks accomplish both of these at one time!  Our training staff will create a plan and oversee specially trained walkers.  These walkers are specifically trained in reinforcing basic cues, and providing a wide selection of enrichment activities for your pup- some while on new adventures, some in your home- but all fun for your pup!  We recommend at least one enrichment walk per week- especially for higher energy or bored dogs. These are great to help build confidence, lower anxiety and calm nervous energy in dogs.

long leash adventure with dog

Long Lead Adventures ($60 per session)

Dogs love to run, hike and swim. While we do not advocate that dogs be off leash when not in a secured area (Like a fenced in back yard), we do recognize the benefits of a fun workout in nature for them!

Long Lead adventures  are 1.5-2 hours long and includes hiking, swimming, or playing in the park with a lead that is 15, 20, 30, 40 or 100ft!  It allows dogs to run and explore while still being safely tethered to a staff person.   We will work on recall with your pup while they get exercise!  This is a wonderful solution for active dogs with less than perfect recall.

white dog working with dog trainer

You Have a Friend- Reactive Dog Program (call for pricing and details)

We get it, having a reactive dog presents specific challenges.  As a  pet owner, you want your dog to be comfortable and at ease with other dogs, people, etc.  When our dogs react, we feel badly for them, we understand that fear, anxiety or over arousal is causing the behaviors we are seeing and we want to help our dogs feel calm and confident.

We teach you a series of "games" to play with your dog during walks, or when out in public.  We also teach you how to read your dogs body language and to determine their thresholds so  you do not push them too hard.  The games help our dogs learn to tolerate the presence of triggers near them.  This program is NOT designed to turn your dog into a social, outgoing dog.  Not every dog is social, and we believe in honoring who are dogs are.  Rather, this program helps them feel confident and comfortable in the presence of other dogs and people.

Once a pet owner/dog team graduates from our program, they are invited to our Reactive dog Group hikes, held monthly to practice their skills and to bond with other reactive dog pet owners.