Dog Sitting & Care

Are you travelling and not sure how to take care of your dog while you are away? Milwaukee Paws Pet Care is available for dog sitting services in and around Milwaukee. Your precious pooch's comfort and safety is our highest priority! We provide experienced and loving pet care that puts your mind at ease and keep's your dogs happy. Whether it's a quick home visit to check on your dog, an overnight dog sitting service, transportation for your dog, we are here to help.

We have experience with all sizes, breeds, and temperaments of dogs. Plus, all of our staff are Fear Free Certified, which means they have been trained to provide care to your dog while keeping stress, anxiety and fear to a minimum.  Our services include dog walking, dog sitting, hourly dog care, dog transportation, concierge services, and wedding services!

Dog Walking

We offer dog walking services and have trained dog walkers that can take your beloved pet to get some fresh air and exercise. All dogs are leashed at all times and and our experienced walkers can handle one dog or multiple dogs! Every dog's activity level, health, age, and physical requirements are different and we understand that! Whether your dog needs a daily walk or a few times a week, we have a variety of options to meet their needs

Trained staff walking a dog.
Dog sitter and happy dog sitting next to each other.

Dog Sitting

Find a loving dog sitter for your pooch with a trusted pet sitter from Milwaukee Paws Pet Care. There is no need for your pet to stress while you are away- having an in home sitter means less stress for your pup because they are home, get to maintain their normal routine and are surrounded by their favorite things (minus you, of course!). We offer overnight care, drop in care or hourly care to meet your pets needs!

Hourly Care

Whether you have a special needs pup, and dog recovering from an injury or illness, or a pup who needs more attention than just a walk, we can do that! We offer hourly care to provide you with the flexibility you need! Our experienced and well trained staff are ready to help out! We develop a personalized care plan for your pup so that all their needs are met and you can relax knowing that they are well cared for!

White dog sitting and waiting.
Dog in the backseat of a car with seatbelt on.

Dog Transportation

Does your pup need a ride to or from day care or the groomer? We offer pet transportation for this! If your pet needs to go to the vet but you cannot be there, let us help! Our caring and compassionate staff will transport your pup and accompany them into the office for the appointment. We speak with the vet and take detailed notes for you, so that you are well informed and kept up to date

Dog Concierge Services

Do you need a referral to a groomer, vet or other pet professional? Are you looking for suggestions for cognitive enrichment activities, toys or recommendations for equipment for your pup? Our concierge services are the answer! We have a list of Paws Partners, top professionals that we trust and refer to on a regular basis. We also are happy to discuss proper equipment, toy suggestions, activity suggestions and methods to help you and your pooch have the best relationship possible.

Friendly women leaning down to say hello to two dogs.
Two dogs dressed up for their owner's wedding.

Wedding Services

If, on your big day, you cannot imagine it without your dogs, we got you covered! Our wedding services are designed to help you have the perfect day! Our staff can take your pup for a walk, watch him while you are away and send you updates on a schedule you request so that you know he is happy and well cared for! In addition, should you want your dog to be a part of the wedding or photos, we can assist with that as well! Wedding services include pick up and drop off of your pooch and time spent at the wedding venue- your dog can be as involved as you want on your special day because we schedule this service as an hourly service to afford you maximum flexibility!

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