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Before I opened a business dedicated to dog walking, dog training and pet care, I spent my career as a social worker in the healthcare industry. During that time, it became abundantly clear to me that pets are more than just pets, they are members of our families that deserve the very best care we can give them. When I needed to hire a dog walker for my own dog, it quickly became clear to me that not every business out there was striving to be professional- many were content treating the job as a hobby.  I also encountered some exceptional dog walkers and pet sitters who cared for my pets well, providing me with a peace of mind when I couldn't be around.  It was through those experiences, both positive and not so positive, that I created Milwaukee Paws Pet Care.

Milwaukee Paws Pet Care was founded to bring a higher level of professional care to Milwaukee area pets. I am accustomed to providing in home care with respect and dignity to clients who demand the best. Milwaukee Paws Pet Care will bring that same level of care to our pet clients and each pet owner will see that with every home visit that our team completes.

Some important things that set us apart from our competition are that we offer completely personalized pet care for every pet (don't see a service that you need, ask us, we have created many personalized services for clients), we have the most highly trained staff in the pet care industry in Milwaukee and we pride ourselves on staying current with the most recent science related to pet health.

In addition, we utilize employees, not Independent Contractors (IC's).  Why is this important to you?  There are very clear guidelines regarding what a business owner can and cannot do with Independent Contractors (IC) vs Employees.  For Example, a business cannot train ICs, but can only offer guidance.  We train our employees to our exacting standards.  Having Employees means we take care of them as well!  Not only do we provide paid time off for our employees, but we offer ongoing training, and we pay Federal, state and local taxes for employees as well as Workers Compensation insurance- meaning that our employees are protected when life happens!

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All of our staff are certified as Fear Free Professionals by Fear Free Pets. This means that they have undergone extensive training to help animals feel comfortable and not increase the pets stress, anxiety or fear. We are the only pet care company that has every staff person certified as Fear Free Pets.

  • We are bonded and insured through Kennel Pro
  • Every staff person is trained in Pet first aid and pet CPR through the American Red Cross initially, after 6 months, they are trained in person through Pet Emergency Education 
  • We utilize a fully automated software system to provide all of our clients with an experience that is comprehensive and easy.  Scheduling, staffing, communication with staff, invoicing and payment of services can all be done through our pet portal and our app!
  • Every visit is ended with a complete report card including pictures of your pet during their visit.
  • All staff undergo regular training to stay informed of the best practices being utilized in pet care through our Fetch Find, the premiere training company for dog walkers and pet sitters.
  • We are members of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters
  • We offer specialized and personalized services for our clients- don't see what you think your pet needs?  Give us a call, we are happy to work with you to develop the perfect service!
  • Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us!  We maintain your confidentiality when we care for your pets and when we post pictures of your pets on social media!
  • We offer more than just pet care and dog walks, we also offer dog training that follows force free practices (no use of shock, prong or other tools that can be harmful to your dogs mental and physical health).
  • As a dog trainer, I am a member of Force Free Trainers of Wisconsin, Pet Professional Guild and Project TRADE
  • Authored "The Importance of Collaboration and Mentoring in Dog Training" for the IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants) Feb 2020
  • Featured in MKE Lifestyles magazine article on pampering your pets while you travel.
  • I graduated from the Goldman Sachs 10K-SB program in 2021.  The program is designed to help small business owners run their businesses more efficiently and grow (adding jobs to local communities)
  • Every staff person who works for us has a passion for pet care!  We only hire the best, because that is what your pet deserves!


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Reliable and Trustworthy Caretakers

Our staff are Pet Care Specialists, because that is what they are!  Through training and passion, our team specializes in bringing your pet the very best care!  We use employees, not Independent Contractors, so that we can ensure the quality and consistency of our care to you!

Our employees are thoroughly vetted and have passed a rigorous national background check- not just statewide or local like some other companies. In addition, every employee is trained in pet first aid and pet CPR prior to ever meeting a pet client.

We also offer regular training in topics such as: canine aggression, safe introductions to other dogs/people, how to use equipment properly, head to tail wellness checks for felines and canines,  and cognitive enrichment activities. Ongoing training is important to us to ensure that your pets always have the absolute best care!

Our employees are trained and certified in Fear Free Practices.  Fear free practices are a way of interacting and working with pets who may be stressed, fearful, shy or anxious. Our team is trained in working with these special cats and dogs without increasing their fear, stress or anxiety.  This means your pet is more comfortable and safer when you are away!

In addition, prior to having a care team members assigned to your pet, each pet is thoroughly assessed to determine their needs, personality and preferences and matched with employees who have the strengths to compliment your pets care plan needs.

Our assessment will include questions to you about your pet, visual observation and may include asking you to demonstrate specific aspects of care (for example, how you give medication to your pet).

Our team is dedicated to providing your pet with the best care!  We regularly come together as a team to discuss our clients pets and  how to best care for them.  Tips, tricks and fun facts are often shared during these meetings to allow your entire team access to the best information for your pet!


Our Service Area

Our service area is currently 7-8 miles from the US Bank building in downtown Milwaukee (located at 777 E Wisconsin Ave).

Look At Our Happy Clients

We take the trust you provide us with very seriously. That's why all of our dog walkers and pet sitters go above and beyond to provide the absolute best care for your pets, we respect your home and your privacy and why we continually strive to improve your experience. We value any feedback our clients have to offer; and if you are not satisfied for any reason, we will work to make it right! Just reach out to us and let us know!


Satisfaction Guaranteed


"Dawn came highly recommended by our former walker who had to (sadly) move away. From the moment we met Dawn at our meet and greet, I felt instantly at ease. One of my dogs is a jumper and she took his annoying hyper activeness in stride. The dogs took to her right away and her affection for dogs was instantly apparent. She has been flexible and already helped us out of a bind last minute when plans for care fell through. She is making this her main gig, which is nice from a customer perspective as you never feel like you are annoying...it's what she does and loves to do it! I, too, would highly reccomend Dawn" - Meredith

"Dawn is reliable, trustworthy and will absolutely treat your pets as if they are her own. I am very cautious when it comes to the care of my dog and cat. I know that when they are in her hands they will be safe and receive the utmost affection and love! ?"- Jennifer S.

"Milwaukee Paws has been an excellent resource for me and my dog. Dawn truly loves working with dogs. From day one she has been reliable, trustworthy, and helpful. My dog Bennitt loves her! When she took time out of her weekend to come over to our new apartment after moving he would not leave her side and really trusts her. She even brought Bennitt a birthday card and toy and it's those little things that make her a special part of our life! I have heard horror stories of dog walkers from other people and Dawn has shown me that someone who is passionate about their business and compassionate with their clients puts all those fears to rest and Milwaukee Paws has been a perfect fit for us."- Kendra

"Loving companion and professional approach to intuitive pet care! We are so grateful for this service! Any pet, any time.... this is who we will call."- Jenni C

"Dawn has been wonderful caring for my cat Roxy who is a chatty and loving kitty requiring lots of attention. She is great with animals, extremely reliable and responsible, always checking in and sending reports with progress and pictures, which gives me great peace of mind when I'm away. Couldn't ask for a better sitter for Roxy. Thank you Dawn for everything you do!" - Juliana

"Milwaukee Paws does an excellent job walking my special needs dog Murphy. I was nervous letting someone into my home to walk him but she made me feel so comfortable. Murphy is a rescue dog and deaf. Dawn took the time to learn basic sign language to communicate with Murphy. Murphy is always excited to see Dawn and tired after each walk. I really like the daily report card with pictures after every walk. I highly recommend Milwaukee Paws." - Dale

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