Pet Sitting/ Dog Walking Price List

Referral program

For current clients: we appreciate referrals and feel that getting a referral from our current clients is the best compliment we can get! As a thank you, when you refer someone to us and they sign on and pay for their first service, you will get up to $20 off your next service!!

All times are approximate. All dogs will be leashed at all times during walks, and a detailed report is sent to you after each walk. Prices are for up to 2 dogs, who are trained to walk together- additional pets are $2 per additional pet. Holiday and weekend surcharges apply. Please note that we use our discretion if weather is inclement how long the walk will be, however the walker will complete the visit in your home if the walk must be shortened for weather.

Pooch Potty Break

15-25 minutes in length- great for elderly dogs, or low energy dogs who just need a quick potty break or short walk.


Busybodies Break

25-40 minutes in length. Great for dogs who need a little longer walk, or require more one on one attention. Also great if pets need to be fed lunch in addition to being walked.


Energetic Pups Break

45-65 Minutes in length- great for high energy dogs who need more exercise and stimulation than most dogs. Also a great option for pets who need more attention and snuggle time!


Group Walks

We will pick up your pet along with other pets in the group, the entire group is walked for half an hour and brought back home. Dogs can be out of their home for 1.5-2.5 hours and will have the benefit of additional socialization with other pups! (requires an assessment of the dog and that the dog be a walking client of ours for at least 1 month so we can learn the temperament and personality of the dog)


Urban Adventures

Solo Adventures


Long Solo Adventures


Group Adventure


Long Lead Adventures


Long Group Adventure

We will pick up your pet  from your home and take them on an adventure of the city!  Each week, we explore different neighborhoods, activities and places to keep your dog active and engaged!  This is perfect for dogs who need more cognitive enrichment while you are busy!


Dog Training

We are a certified dog trainer through CATCH Trainers Academy, one of the premier dog training schools in the country. All of our staff are certified as Fear Free Professionals by Fear Free Pets. This means that they have undergone extensive training to help animals feel comfortable and not increase the pets stress, anxiety or fear.

Initial Consultation


Private Sessions


Day Training in your home


Virtual private lessons


Training Walks


Enrichment Walks


Puppy Play Group

$40 per dog

Behavioral Issues

price varies- call for more information

In-Home Pet Sitting

Care is provided in your home to minimize stress and anxiety for your pet, as well as help maintain their routine! Cost includes feeding/watering, potty breaks, play and snuggles and regular updates to the owner! Prices are for one pet, call for additional pets.

Almost Overnights

A two hour visit in the evening that includes a walk, dinner and play time for your pet!  We get them snuggled in before leaving  for the night.  We return in the morning for an hour visit that includes a walk, feeding and play time.   We spend the entire visit focused on your pet and their comfort.  Each visit is followed up with a report card!


Hourly Care

Sometimes, what your pet needs is a little TLC at home. Our hourly in home care is a great option for ill pets, pets recovering from injury or pets needing additional time with a pet sitter, but not requiring full overnight care. Pet Sitters remain awake and alert throughout shift. Our most popular pick for cat and bird owners!


call for price if looking for more than 6 hours

Pet Transportation

Whether your pet needs to be picked up/dropped off at day care, taken to an appointment (for example to the groomer or the vet), we are there to help! Fee covers the pet sitters time.  Covers the first hour.  After that, the hourly rate of $30 per hour will be billed.


Home Sitting (No pets at home)

While you are away, let us stop by and check on your home. We will bring in mail, water plants, turn lights on/off and will monitor your home for potential problems or issues.

One visit per day

Staff will stop by daily to ensure there are no concerns that need to be addressed, bring in mail and water plants as needed. Visits typically last 10-20 minutes, but staff will stay as long as needed to complete tasks.


Morning and evening visit

In addition to the services listed above, staff will turn on lights in the evening and will turn them off in the morning.

$15 per visit

Pet Concierge Services

We offer a wide variety of concierge services including suggestions/referrals for behavior problems, yard waste pick up and litter box cleaning. During this difficult and uncertain time, we understand that many of our clients may be vulnerable or too ill to get out and get what they and their pets need, so during this health crisis, we are adding shopping and errand services!”

Supplies pick up

When you're busy, it can be easy to overlook items like additional food, medications, or other supplies. When that happens, we will get the supplies for you! Cost includes time only, client will also be billed for supplies at cost.

$25 per hour plus the cost of supplies

Referrals to other professionals

If you have a pet care problem that we cannot solve, we will refer you to another professional who can. We pride ourselves on providing the absolute best care for your pet and we hold our partners to the same high standards that we hold ourselves too!

No charge

Wedding Services

On your special day, you want your special pet to be there as well! Our trained staff will assist with the care and handling of your pet so you can enjoy the day and not worry!

Full Service Program

Our staff will pick up your pet(s) and bring them to the venue for you. Staff will provide care and handling of your pet and will return them home when done. Staff will also come dressed in appropriate attire for a wedding. A complimentary assessment is required before scheduling this

$100 per hour

All cat visits include litterbox cleaning, fresh water, food and playtime with cats. Cognitive engagement is a focus for these visits- in addition to giving the kitty lots of love and attention

Short Visit: 15 minutes


Standard Visit: 21 minutes


Long Visit: 60 minutes


Untimed Visit

An untimed visit for fearful or very shy cats. Staff will clean litterboxes, change food and water, but will not search for the cats or try to get pictures of the cats. They will also leave once the tasks are done. (For some cats this is less stressful- a special waiver form will need to be signed by cat owners if this is selected)