Meet the MKE Paws Pet Care Staff!

All of us at MKE Paws are grateful to be spending such valuable time with your beloved pets. While each of our staff have differing backgrounds and areas of expertise, one thing remains constant, and that’s their love for animals! Since so many of you are trusting us with the task of giving reliable, trusting and loving care to your pets, we want to share with you just why we (and our entire staff team) do what we do! Meet the MKE Paws Staff Team!

Dawn Jacques

Dawn is the dedicated, hard-working owner of Milwaukee Paws Pet Care. She came to this business venture with a strong background as a social worker, however, her lifelong passion for animals made her realize she was meant to pursue a new career, and she brought her enthusiasm and love of animals to the MKE Paws family!

Dawn has always had dogs, birds and fish while growing up. When looking back, she especially remembers Poochie, a black Great Dane she and her family had. “He was the best dog! He would do the Great Dane lean, but my parents didn’t know what that was, so they were sure he was trying to block them in the couch!” (For those that don’t know, the “lean” is a sign of affection!)

It’s no surprise that Dawn knows so much about animals; with her passion comes an eagerness to learn and grow in her career. When she isn’t busy working, she is spending her free time studying to become a dog trainer! She also enjoys going sailing, spending time with family and friends or soaking in a good book on a quiet morning, but MKE Paws Pet Care is her passion and her life. Dawn says, “I love our team and our clients! We are so fortunate to have clients who love their pets, value what we bring to the table, and always do what is best for their pets!” Dawn also is proud of her “amazing” team. She says, “I have watched every team member grow and love the pets as if they are their own. I am always impressed with the dedication of the team and their eagerness to learn more every day.” The MKE Paws family is so fortunate to have an owner and boss who gives 100% and truly cares for each individual pet and client. Dawn looks forward to growing the team and helping even more pets and clients in the Milwaukee area

Sara Tonyan

“Intuitive, experienced, and trustworthy.” Those are three words we can easily say to describe our dedicated staff member, Sara! While she has been with the team only since around September of 2019, she has proven to us and the whole team that she is a teammate, ready to jump in and give 110% at every visit.

Sara’s love of animals began as she was growing up; she has owned guinea pigs, fish, and many different dog breeds including St. Bernard’s, a basset hound, a lab mix and a beagle. Sara most recently adopted a pit bull named Watson whom she adopted early last year. All the pets she has owned over the years have meant “everything” to her and began her lifelong passion of helping care for animals.

While it’s no surprise to us, Sara’s love of animals has taken her to pursue a career as a Veterinary Assistant which she is currently attending college for, and she plans to continue until she earns her CVT (Certified Veterinary Technician). While Sara grew up in the Chicago area and came to Milwaukee for school, Sara is happy to be a part of the Milwaukee community and has really fallen in love with the city. Sara said her favorite part about working for MKE Paws is getting to meet and care for so many dogs, cats and other animals she would never otherwise know!

She especially loves getting to work with all the different breeds we help care for, and it’s so easy to see when Sara is working with the pets we care for that she is truly passionate about what she does. The smile on her face and the dedication to providing the best care possible says it all, and we couldn’t be happier to have Sara a part of our Milwaukee Paws Pet Care team!

Gracie Adelmeyer

When we think of Gracie, we are reminded of how important kindness and compassion are in this world and how wonderful of an example Gracie is of these excellent qualities. Gracie has been surrounded by animals for most of her life, having lived on a small farm, she and her family had cows, chickens, goats and even a pig.

They also always had multiple dogs, from St. Bernard’s to Teddy Bears, and Gracie says they were always the best part of her days as a kid - being able to play nonstop withher furry friends! She’s also had cats, other dogs, a bunny and frogs throughout her life. The love she had for animals as a kid only grew and the passion to care for them grew, too.

“They’re the best medicine to any kind of day,” she says. She loves getting to meet all the different pets we care for and appreciates all of the different personalities; Gracie also says she loves being a part of a team that is “commited and always helping each other out.” Gracie’s natural nurturing abilities and calm demeanor make her an excellent caretaker with animals, but Gracie also has a passion for helping adults and children, alike.

When she isn’t busy working for MKE Paws, she spends time at a second job in which she helps care for a woman with Muscular Dystrophy. Additionally, Gracie is pursuing her Occupational Studies degree from UWM with a long-term goal to become an occupational therapist and work with children with Autism. Anyone that meets Gracie can see she has a heart of gold and is kind-hearted, down to earth and has strong morals and values. All of us at MKE Paws value her hard work, dedication and stamina and are grateful to have her a part of our team!

Mason Stitch

All of us at Milwaukee Paws Pet Care know it takes dedication, persistence and patience to work with animals, especially those that may have some behavioral issues or need a little extra attention. Mason knows this better than anyone, and we appreciate his persistence and patience!Mason works with many of our amazing pets and seems to have a strong ability to calm an anxious pet or help turn things around for some of our pets going through varying challenges.

Not only that, but it’s easy to see Mason is passionate about animals and his work with them. This all started with his love of family pets, but that passion grew after bonding with several more animals that weren’t his own and being able to see their diverse and loving personalities! His favorite part about working for MKE Paws is being greeted by tail wags and jumps for joy.

“The energy and excitement can be contagious,” he says, and we can tell through Mason’s excellent work with the pets that he has the passion and drive that you simply can’t teach someone to have. He also really wants to continue to learn more advanced training techniques and has a natural intuition to help each pet thrive in their environments. In addition to working for MKE Paws, Mason is a freelance graphic designer in Milwaukee. In his spare time, he enjoys making art, playing frolf or enjoying a cup of coffee and listening to music! He also has a cat named Fluffy, and a Chihuahua mix named Paisley who he also enjoys spending time with.

Amy Bigelow

Amy is an extremely compassionate and kind-hearted member of our team, and she takes great pride in her work. You can easily see her enthusiasm and passion come through her time spent with animals, as she gives her all and truly loves each one she helps care for. Amy lives in the Milwaukee metro area with her husband and two dogs, Zoey and Pepper, who are both rescues.

Zoey is blind, and Pepper is a shelter pup, and they fill their lives with so much love and happiness, Amy says! When Amy isn’t busy working for MKE Paws or spending time with her own pups, she enjoys working at her second job where she is an in-home caregiver for three elderly women. Amy also enjoys reading, writing, gardening and going hiking with her dogs, whom also always accompany them on their trips up north to their cabin where they love to spend quality family time together.

Amy says being a part of MKE Paws is so enjoyable because she gets to spend her days hanging out with dogs and she loves being outside! Amy also says being a part of the team is “a step above the rest.” She added, “We have a fantastic team with monthly meetings and we are all Pet CPR certified. I take great pride in where I work and am so grateful to care for your pets with the same loving care I give my own!” We are so grateful to have Amy a part of our MKE Paws team!

Heather McCabe

Heather is an empathetic, caring individual who has a passion for making a positive difference in others’ lives. Her love of animals began when she was a young girl; she always wanted an animal of her own, and for her 9th birthday she received a cat named Tigger who surprisingly was pregnant when they brought her home! They kept one of the kittens, Gracie, and those two cats brough so much joy to her life growing up.

Heather now has two different cats, Nala and Rue, whom she and her husband adopted shortly after they got married. Heather and her husband live in Germantown with their three young kids, Nolan, and twin girls Lilah and Stella. Heather’s children also have a strong love of animals and had been begging for a dog to add to their family, so they recently adopted a golden retriever puppy named Rocky!

Heather is enjoying her time learning the best ways to train and raise Rocky while helping teach her young kids how to help train and raise him. When she isn’t spending time with her busy family and helping with her puppy or working, she enjoys reading, spending time with friends and exercising. Heather loves being a part of the MKE Paws team and says she enjoys the team-oriented atmosphere as well as the excellent communication among the team.

She knows MKE Paws and all of the staff truly care about each individual animal they care for, and she loves knowing she’s helping to make a positive difference in the lives of our pets and their clients!

Brooke A. Tank

Brook A Tank, member of the MP staff. Brooke is a sweet, caring and endearing animal lover and is also the newest member of our MKE Paws team! Brooke has helped take care of animals for over six years and recently moved to Wisconsin from California and was excited to join our Paws family to continue interacting and caring for animals in the Milwaukee area! While the change in weather has been a big adjustment for her, the interactions and care she has for the animals we work with has made the adjustment much easier, and she very much enjoys getting to meet new animals and help make a positive impact in their lives.

Growing up back in California, Brooke and her family always had animals in the home. While she always had at least one cat, they also had a lizard, fish, a mouse, and a guinea pig at some point while growing up. Brooke said she always wanted a dog but unfortunately it never worked out for them to have one, so she says being able to see and walk dogs on a regular basis with MKE Paws is a perfect fit since she loves them so much!

When she isn’t busy helping work with animals, she enjoys pursuing her passion of art including painting and drawing, and she hopes to eventually get into art school to further pursue those passions. In the meantime, Brooke says she can’t imagine her life without animals, so we are so excited to have her a part of our MKE Paws family, continuing to make a positive difference in our clients’ and their pets’ lives!

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