Meet the MKE Paws Pet Care Staff!

All of us at MKE Paws are grateful to be spending such valuable time with your beloved pets. While each of our staff have differing backgrounds and areas of expertise, one thing remains constant, and that’s their love for animals! Since so many of you are trusting us with the task of giving reliable, trusting and loving care to your pets, we want to share with you just why we (and our entire staff team) do what we do! Meet the MKE Paws Staff Team!

Dawn Jacques

Dawn is the dedicated, hard-working owner of Milwaukee Paws Pet Care. She came to this business venture with a strong background as a social worker, however, her lifelong passion for animals made her realize she was meant to pursue a new career, and she brought her enthusiasm and love of animals to the MKE Paws family!

Dawn has always had dogs, birds and fish while growing up. When looking back, she especially remembers Poochie, a black Great Dane she and her family had. “He was the best dog! He would do the Great Dane lean, but my parents didn’t know what that was, so they were sure he was trying to block them in the couch!” (For those that don’t know, the “lean” is a sign of affection!)

It’s no surprise that Dawn knows so much about animals; with her passion comes an eagerness to learn and grow in her career. When she isn’t busy working, she is spending her free time studying to become a dog trainer! She also enjoys going sailing, spending time with family and friends or soaking in a good book on a quiet morning, but MKE Paws Pet Care is her passion and her life. Dawn says, “I love our team and our clients! We are so fortunate to have clients who love their pets, value what we bring to the table, and always do what is best for their pets!” Dawn also is proud of her “amazing” team. She says, “I have watched every team member grow and love the pets as if they are their own. I am always impressed with the dedication of the team and their eagerness to learn more every day.” The MKE Paws family is so fortunate to have an owner and boss who gives 100% and truly cares for each individual pet and client. Dawn looks forward to growing the team and helping even more pets and clients in the Milwaukee area

New Staff: Coming Soon!


We are busy growing our team to continue to provide the best possible care to our furfriends and their pet parents!  Check back soon to see the bios of our amazing team as it grows!

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