Rental Program

Milwaukee Paws Pet Care believes in the power of enrichment for all pets. Enrichment helps dogs learn to problem solve, tolerate frustration, and teaches them to think.

We find that while many owners want to provide different toys, puzzles, etc to their pets, it can be difficult to know what product will work for each pet! That’s where we can help! Our team will work with you to suggest items that we believe your pup will benefit from. We offer several toys, puzzles and supplies on a rental basis- so you can try before you buy! We will continue to grow our supplies and inventory, so keep checking back! Have a specific suggestion? Let us know!

Here's how it works:

  • You select the item you would like to rent- if it is available, we will drop it off and pick it up for you.
  • Rentals are $10 per item for one week
  • Items need to be returned in good condition- no damage beyond normal wear and tear
  • If you would like to purchase the item- you may purchase it directly from us! If not, simply return it
  • All items are washed and sanitized before going out to another client!
  • All pictures have the purchase price listed for your reference.


Nina Ottoson Brick Puzzle:
This level two puzzle provides hours of fun for even the most exuberant pup! Treats are hidden inside compartments and the pup must slide, open or remove pieces to expose them!



Arm and Hammer Treadz Chew Toy:
This toy is made from a durable runner material and can be stuffed with kibble! When stuffed, it becomes and interesting interactive toy for your dog! Designed for power chewers and dogs who need the stimulation of working harder to get their food. Note: no wet food should be placed inside this toy!



Hide A Squirrel Toy:
This interactive toy is great for smaller dogs! Each squirrel can be stuffed into the log so the dog can pull them out! Each squirrel also has a squeaker inside to add to the fun! This toy is not meant for large dogs or power chewers



Treat Dispensing Ball:
This toy is great for dogs who love to play with balls! The ball can be filled with kibble or treats and is rolled around for a fun and rewarding time!


Prices vary $9.50-$12

Slow Feeder Bowls:
These ingenious bowls are designed to help your dog slow down their eating. Eating too fast can cause indigestion, bloat or other health concerns. These bowls have raised edges that ensure your dog eats at a slower, more healthy pace. We have a variety of sizes and styles.


price varies $7.99-$23.99

Kong Classic Toys:
These are a staple in our home and in many of our training programs! They can be stuffed with treats or food and given right away or frozen! They are also great for games and chewing!



We have a variety of likci-mats! Licki-mats are designed to use your dogs natural instinct to lick as a self-soothing tool. Licking is a great way to encourage calmness and help your dog feel less nervous or anxious. Each mat is designed for a different type of dog, so please allow us to help you choose the correct mat

Paw 5 Rock n Bowl feeder


Paw 5 Rock n Bowl feeder:
This bowl has a curved bottom making it fun for your pup to get his food out! The bowl is designed to slow feeding down a bit while your dog has fun with it! Let your pup play with their food!


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