Ten Ways to Protect Your Dog from the Heat

10 ways to protect your dog from the heat.

Enjoying time outdoors in the warm sun may be a highlight for many of us, especially this summer, as many of us are finding more creative ways to spend outside with our families and pets. As we enjoy time in our backyards, or even exploring local trails or going on walks around our neighborhood, we…

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My Journey to a Happy Nail Trim with my Pup, Murphy

Murphy getting a happy nail trim

Over the years, I have struggled to get my dogs to enjoy nail trims. Truthfully, I used to struggle to even get them to tolerate a nail trim. From bribing with treats, to medication, to dodging snapping teeth, and finally resolving to pay the “experts” to do nail trims, I carried the guilt that so…

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How Cats Communicate

Cute cat up close for the post "how cats communicate"

Understanding Feline Communication and Body Language “Cat’s rule, dogs drool.” I’m sure most of you have heard this saying at least once! And while most of us in the pet care business love all animals, we know many of you have crowned yourself either a “cat person” or a “dog person,” or may not agree…

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Everyday Enrichment Activities

Dog with his nose to a toy.

With the Coronavirus outbreak in full swing and more employees working from home, people are spending more time with their pets than ever. While our dogs may love the extra attention, it is not always feasible to be focused on Fluffy during the day. The reality is that pet owners working from home need to…

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Enrichment in Dogs’ Lives

Enriching dogs lives at Milwaukee Paws Pet Care.

Axel loves playing tug-of-ware with his dog walker! At Milwaukee Paws Pet Care, we really care about your pet’s well-being, so when it comes to enriching their lives, we incorporate not only social and physical enrichment, but cognitive enrichment during our visits, as well! To help improve your dog’s overall well-being, there are actually several…

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Providing The Best Care For Your Cat

At Milwaukee Paws Pet Care, we spend a lot of time with your beloved dogs and often post pictures we have snapped while out on our walks with them, but did you know that many of our cat visits are even longer than those we spend with your precious pups? We have several clients who…

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Pet Ownership in High Rises

Pictured above: Enzo enjoying an urban stroll around Milwaukee on his scheduled dog walk with a member of our Milwaukee Paws dog walking team! Urban living with pets presents special challenges that many pet owners never think of. There are fewer green spaces, more people and pets in a more confined area, and of course…

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Providing the Best Care for your Senior Cats and Dogs

November is National Senior Pet Month! What better time than now to celebrate the senior cats and dogs in our lives and take a moment to make sure we are providing them with the best care and loving support they need to continue growing old with us! Some of us have had our beloved cats…

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5 Different Types of Dog Walks and Why They are Beneficial

We all know that our dogs need daily walks. They benefit from daily exercise just like we do, but did you know that there are different types of dog walks and specific benefits to each? All of our walkers at Milwaukee Paws Pet Care are trained on the different types of walks and why each…

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